01 April 2011


Welcome to your first lesson.

The first rule of this class: don't fuck it up.  You want to not be a stupid jackass?  Be aware that in the past you have, in fact, been a stupid jackass whether intentionally or not.  Start being aware that you have the potential to either brighten or completely fuck up someone else's day, let alone your own.

The second rule of this class: Think of me as a helpful hunchback on the crown of your head.  I'm not an angel and I'm not a devil either.  I'm just a regular gal trying to help other because it's hard to see what's going on in your life as you're living it. 

I'm a master of analogy and I like to use them; a fuckload.  I think they're mightily helpful explaining things, and they're fun.  Especially when I get to use "colorful" terms such as "fuckrag," and "monkeyfucker."

This is just a blog for me to have some fun, rant a little, and just have a little creative outlet.  They seem to be popular these days :)

Class dismissed, hope to see you back next time.


  1. Fuckrag is such an important word. I challenge you to a war of analogy!

  2. I'm not a fan of war, but I shall pick up your thrown gauntlet madam!

  3. Is it bad that when I saw the word fuckrag, cum dumpster instantly came to mind? Try working that one into a blog. ;-)

  4. I've actually got a ton of ideas for posts. I need to write them down, and cum dumpster will definitely make the blog, if not in an entire post, it'll get mentioned a few times ;)