24 August 2011

Different Tactics

I've recently started seeing a man who I had known years ago and we recently reconnected, through pure coincidence or fate, whatever your pleasure may be.

It got me thinking though that there are other ways to not be a stupid jackass besides not doing something.  You can do it by actively trying to do something different. 

For example, I've ranted and raved against people being ignorant, being poor drivers, etc.  

But have I ever given suggestions for things people can do instead?  I don't think I have.  So today, I shall offer some advice that is good for all aspects of your life, but especially good for not pissing me off: 

Pursue happiness.  Find something or someone that makes you happy every day.  I've not known any person who was pursuing their happiness or with someone who makes them happy that actively strives to annoy others or to be a blight on their existences.

I think that if people found something that made them happy, really happy, dance around in the kitchen, do a jig in public and not give a damn who's looking happy, the world would be a better place.  I don't care what it is really, just find something.  If it's a person, that's wonderful, I hope you make them happy too, if it's something, that's great too because it'll always be there for you.

I'm not saying that you should be happy all day every day, because that's a pretty damn tall order, but be happy for at least a little while every day.  It's good for your health, because if someone annoys me now, I've decided to make them cheerful by injecting cheer into them via a hose straight up the ass...like a cheer enema. 

hehehe. Could be fun!  Maybe I should be a motivational speaker lol.