01 September 2011

Cheeseblarg's Scavenger Hunt!

So I participated in Cheeseblarg's Scavenger Hunt, which J.Rose came up with to help get me out of the house and get my mind off depressing thoughts.  Here are my pictures as well as the clues:

1. A cat in a window

2. Bare feet in the grass (it was a bit of a bitch to find grass where I live)

3.  Bacon!!!

4. A squeaker (dog toys)

5. 3 People holding cards (these women were super nice)

6.  Cheese on an entire family

7. A person wearing a hat

8. A bird, not in a tree (Golden Eagle)

9. The color red, only the color red (the front of my college graduation gown)

10. You holding a sign referring to da Cheeseblarg

11.  The cutest chocolate you can find (I thought the chocolate at the corner of his mouth was cute)

12.  Velcro

13.  An upside down book (my number one favorite book ever)

14.  Something I (Jodee) write about all the time but isn't in the list (you'd have to read the blog to get it, but narwhals are dicks)

15.  Ice Cream

16. A chance

17. Something nerdy (Sailor Moon manga)

18. A yellow flower

19.  A crack in the sidewalk

20.  The inside of a grocery store

21.  A person wearing a barrette (little hard to see it, but it's there)

22.  A scavenger

It was great fun!  I encourage all of you to do it, be creative!  Don't just use the internet, get your asses outside and try it, or at least use some creativity and draw.