02 April 2011

Concerning Jobs

As a person who's been seeking a job in this dismal market, I have a message for potential employers:

When making a listing on say, Craigslist, don't be a pussy and make the post really vague.  Say exactly what it is you expect people to do.  Don't make me waste my time sending you the email with my resume and then not hearing anything back on what the job actually is.  You don't want people wasting your time if they're unqualified or whatever, well don't waste my time by not telling me what the job is so I can have a more intelligent response to your ad.

On that note, when you do have someone who interviews, or responds to your listing (wherever it may be), be considerate enough to at least respond with "sorry, not interested" or "we found someone better suited to our needs."  Especially, doubly especially when you tell someone "we'll call you either way."  Then they wait around on a response and end up feeling crap about themselves because they weren't even good enough for a call to say no.

When that sort of thing happens it makes me want to punch babies.  That would severely suck for any babies that I'm around.  Because once you start punching babies, how do you stop?

So, to conclude: vagueness and lack of follow through make you a jackass.  Stop it now.


  1. Exactly! They're all soft and squishy and they don't hurt your hands like punching bags do. Poor babies. The little peep-peep sounds they make almost make me feel bad...almost. ;)

  2. I think job ads are craigslist are one of the main tools of the devil.