03 May 2011

When You Use Text-Speak, Something Cute and Fluffy Dies...Violently

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves ever.  People who use text abbreviations in areas where there is no character limit make me want to punch babies.

For example, when posting on Facebook.  There's not really a character limit, so type out the bloody word.  Please.  Or when writing an email, there's definitely not a character limit there. Or in the for really-real world, you know, when actually using your voice box to make sounds that are carried across the air and enter into someone else's ear canal, and makes vibrations.  I know some people are unfamiliar with this concept in the modern world of electronic communication, but this is known as talking.  If you're too much of a lazy hump to say actual words when speaking, then please do me a favor and don't procreate.  That would require much more effort I would think.  It takes more effort to use the text-speak and then explain it than to just use the actual words.  After all, the average person speaks at the rate of about six words per second.  That's pretty damn fast.  It doesn't take anymore time to just speak properly.

Using text-speak outside of a text message (where character space is limited if your carrier won't let you send multi-page texts to someone not with that same carrier) just tells me you think I'm a gullible retard who doesn't understand the King's English. It also tells me that that free education you were entitled to until you turned 18 was wasted.  Yeah public education isn't as great as it could be, but I went to public schools in several states, and I have absolutely zero problems with using actual English to communicate with someone else.

You using text-speak when speaking to me in particular tells me that you think I'm a retard who's incapable of higher thought and isn't even of the same caliber of non-sense euphemisms that we speak to children.  In all reality, it makes me want to deduct about ten or twenty of your IQ points.

It's kinda sad that this is becoming more mainstream.  Like we as a society need to have things dumbed down and overcomplicated at the same time so we don't feel like squares or something.  A pox on that I say!

Psst!! I don't know if you knew this, but every time you use text-speak (as part of your normal communication, not for limited space or to make a point), something cute and fluffy gets tossed in a wood chipper.  Ever seen Fargo? It's something like that.

So if you won't do it for me, for yourselves, do it for the fluffy animals. Their lives are hard enough, what with having to live up to the cute and fluffy expectations without the fear of wood chippers.


  1. LOL. I miss good, old fashioned, regular, proper English. As someone who LOVES words the way the language is butchered offends me to no end.

    SAVE THE FLUFFY CREATURES!!!!!!!!!!! hehe.

  2. You get a hearty amen from me. I even hate text-speak when people are actually texting me. It drives me bonkers. My texts usually look exactly like what I'm writing here, complete with all the correct punctuation. Occasionally I get lazy and add a lowercase "i" here and there, but that's as far as I'll stoop.

  3. That's exactly the way I text too. I don't tend to use capitalization just because it's awkward to do on my phone, but generally I write in full sentences with full words and everything. I think it's easier to get my message across if the person receiving doesn't need to translate some random internet-babble.

  4. This is why I love Blackberry Messanger! Then I never have to speak text again!

    And if someone does, I hope the cute, fluffy animal is an annoying one, such as a raccoon. (they are actually vicious!) :D

  5. But someone, somewhere loves raccoons! Raccoons are people too! :P hehe kidding!