27 May 2011

Are You Involved in Any Way? No? Then Shut the Fuck Up!

In light of all the celebrities who are boinking anything that stands still long enough, and illegitimate children flying out of the woodwork, and people who claim they were "assaulted," "groped," or "touched," I've decided to make my position on this shit clear:  if it didn't happen to you or you're not directly involved, stay the fuck out of it.

Mainly I'm talking about the media in all its forms and varieties.  I don't need or care to see some celebrity's/athlete's/politician's sex/money/hangnail scandal in every news broadcast there is.  Frankly, that sort of thing isn't news.  Sorry, it's not.  People with power, position, and money are not somehow public property.  Their personal lives don't need to be splashed all over every media outlet there is.  They're people too with every right to privacy, just as those who are hounding them and those who are "reporting" on them are entitled to their right to privacy. I can guarantee you that Jim-Bob Dipshit with the camera would be suing the shit out of any media outlet that invaded his privacy and talked about any indiscretions on his part and reported every aspect of his private life, and then speculated about how evil and immoral he must be because of those indiscretions.

Seriously, I don't care to see it, a lot of people don't care to see it.  It's cruel.  The only people who's business it is are those that are directly involved.  It's hard enough to go through things like that without not being able to escape it.  Again, the public doesn't own these people or their families and as such are not entitled to every minute detail of their lives or their existence.

Stay the fuck out of it.


This, of course, doesn't apply to embezzlement or misappropriation of public funds or tax monies, or domestic violence or abuse cases.  That shit I care about and I will take it out of someone ass.

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  1. I hate how obsessed with celebrities our culture has become. I don't care who is screwing who and I really don't care about cellulite on Kim Kardashian's ass.

    Let's focus on real news.